Purina Friskies Dry Food Banners

Art Director/Designer —

The objective of the banners was to highlight the variety of Friskies dry food products. We focused on how each flavor stimulates all of the senses of your cat. This was accomplished by using imagery highlighting the four magical worlds chosen for each flavor.



Morningstar Farms Newsletter for the Insider Group

Art Director/Designer —

I was tasked with creating a monthly newsletter that would be sent to Insider Club members. This newsletter was to offer program members custom communication and content available only to them which would then drive traffic to relevant content and conversations on the website. This was done by using enticing imagery, along with valuable content.

McDonald’s McSkillet email

Art Director/Designer —

The task was to create an email to introduce the new McSkillet Burrito to the users in the McDonald’s database. The message tied in closely with other McSkillet Burrito messaging (digital, retail, print, etc.). This was accomplished by highlighting the quality ingredients that go into this exciting new product.

Purina Friskies Sensory Zone website

Designer —

The task was to show the magical world your cat enters when they eat Friskies dry food. The Sensory Zone delivers perspectives about each of the five senses in an immediate, illustrative way. You are invited to explore your cat’s world and discover how Friskies feeds the senses to unlock the magic within your cat.

SIRVA Email Newsletter

Art Director/Designer —

SIRVA is the world’s largest corporate relocation service. We were tasked with designing a newsletter that would go direct to consumer. The message was that SIRVA would manage and troubleshoot every aspect of the relocation process – from finding a realtor and new home, to selecting the best mortgage and recommending movers. The overall objective was lead generation. This was obtained by providing the client with compelling design and content.

Eggo Innovations Banners

Designer —

The purpose of the Eggo Innovations Banners was to drive traffic to the new Eggo website and spy game. The banners used imagery from the game to draw users to the site, they in turn, would explore the site and learn about the Eggo product family.



Purina Breed Library Website

Art Direction/Designer —

We designed a section of the Purina website that allowed perspective dog owners to figure out which type of dog was suited to them. The library included all breeds of dogs, with descriptions of each one, showing size, energy level, barking, coat, shedding and price. Also available, was an area where the user could input their likes and dislikes and the formula would list the best dog breeds to suit them.

Kraft Superbowl Banners/Website

Art Director/Designer —

Kraft needed a promotional site to drive traffic to the Kraft Interactive Kitchen and capture registered users. This was accomplished by creating a Super Bowl related site that included backyard games, party recipes and half-time entertainment information.

US Robotics Website

Art Director/Designer —

U.S. Robotics was looking for a facelift of their current site. This new design reflects the redesign of their new packaging. I was responsible for redesigning the site, as well as, creating flash animations for each header.