Purina Friskies Sensory World Banners

Art Director/Designer — I was tasked with creating banners that would highlight the four different sensory worlds your cat would encounter when eating Friskies dry cat food. These four worlds corresponded


Morningstar Farms invite to Join Email

Art Director/Designer — Morningstar Farms was implementing a relationship marketing program which rewarded consumers who provided their personal information and preferences with exclusive content, special offers, direct mail communications and promotions.


Purina Friskies Scratching Post Logo

Art Director/Designer — I was tasked with establishing a visual identity for Friskies Explorers, the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) club. This logo was to complement the brand, be ownable by Friskies


Purina Friskies Dry Food Banners

Art Director/Designer — The objective of the banners was to highlight the variety of Friskies dry food products. We focused on how each flavor stimulates all of the senses of your


McDonald’s McSkillet email

Art Director/Designer — The task was to create an email to introduce the new McSkillet Burrito to the users in the McDonald’s database. The message tied in closely with other McSkillet


SIRVA Email Newsletter

Art Director/Designer — SIRVA is the world’s largest corporate relocation service. We were tasked with designing a newsletter that would go direct to consumer. The message was that SIRVA would manage


Eggo Innovations Banners

Designer — The purpose of the Eggo Innovations Banners was to drive traffic to the new Eggo website and spy game. The banners used imagery from the game to draw users