Purina Healthful Life Homepage

Art Direction/Designer — The task was to update the homepage with a Healthful Life takeover. The objective was to create awareness for the new Healthful Life product and Healthful Life


Kelloggs Special K

Designer — Kelloggs tasked us with designing a website that would work with their Special K Challenge. The objective was for each member of the Challenge to replace a meal with


Pampered Chef Website

Creative Lead — Each month I was in charge of leading the web designers in creating a new homepage for The Pampered Chef website. Color, prominent placement of The Pampered Chef


Diageo Website

Designer — I was tasked with adding a Custom Label Creator to the existing Diageo “The Bar” website. The objective was to entice users to order custom labels for their Diageo


Purina Friskies Website Redesign

Art Director/Designer — Our group was tasked with redesigning the Friskies website. The updates included new packaging, artwork and products. The site was to excite users and future users about the


Pampered Chef Redesigns

Creative Lead — I was the creative lead in the redesign of the National Conference page within The Pampered Chef website. I saw an opportunity to improve the look of the


Dunkin Donuts

Art Director/Designer — Dunkin’ Donuts bag stuffer featuring the iced coffee beverage. This promotional item was placed in bags during the morning rush to encourage repeat customers later in the day.