US Robotics Website

Art Director/Designer — U.S. Robotics was looking for a facelift of their current site. This new design reflects the redesign of their new packaging. I was responsible for redesigning the site,


Silly Songs Book

Art Director/Designer — Compilation of tried and true children’s favorite silly songs. I worked with an editor to choose which songs would be included, drew sketches of each spread and cover


Microsoft Windows Promo Website

Art Director/Designer — Created a sweepstakes site to generate excitement for the launch of Windows XP. This was accomplished by creating a site that offered a PC for life as


SC Johnson Banner Ads

Art Director/Designer — SC Johnson requested that we produce ad banners to promote awareness of their new Pledge Grab-it Mitts. The banners illustrate the usefulness of this product in daily life.


McDonald’s POP

Art Director/Designer — I created the logo for the Mint Madness McFlurry. Shown, is the Window Decal – Mint Madness McFlurry for the POP kit that I designed. POP Dangler –